What people are saying…

“I read your book this morning… I LOVED it! I cried twice! You are amazing. Your words and illustrations are beautiful. Well done mumma!”
Meisha – Mum of a 2 year old

"I just read 'When I Grow Up'. 
It's actually really good. Like REALLY good!
I'm not just saying that to be all nice and shit...
It's legitimately a well written story.
Made me feel feelings and things."
Dylan - Dad of a 2 year old

"'When I Grow Up' is a feel good book with a wonderful message behind it. Teaching young ones that it is your values and virtues that matter the most. The book is beautifully illustrated and best of all, no gender stereotyping - proving you really can be anything you want!"
Natasha - Mum and School Teacher

“I recently read Kasey’s book ‘When I Grow Up’ and it is one of the best written children’s books to hit the shelves! The book has a lovely moral and catchy reading rhythm to keep little ones entertained. I would highly recommend buying this book to read to your children. Best read so far in 2017 in my opinion! Thank you Kasey – you have filled a gap for your readers to help them understand themselves and others.”

“This book tells all about a mum who cares for her child and just how much a child can light up a mum’s heart, in the most adorable way.”

“We just finished reading your beautiful book this morning. It is so beautifully illustrated. I really love how inclusive and diverse your book is too. My son’s favourite page was the ninja! He would love to play hide and seek all day. We LOVE your book, it is truly wonderful and will get little minds thinking, because you are right – they CAN be anything."
Jasmine – Mum of a 7 and 2 year old

"Beautifully written and illustrated book which is definitely a hit in our household. Wonderful to read a book valid for children and adults alike. Even for me, it hits home as someone who still wonders what to do in life (apart from being a mum to my beautiful children of course!). Well done Kasey.”
Sarah – Mum of a 3 year old and a 7 month old

“How refreshing to read a children’s book so carefully thought through and with such an important message of love. What a beautiful morning I had reading this to my son and reminding him that he has the world at his fingertips and can achieve anything he wants in life! Well done!”

“I really enjoyed your book – well done! It’s a great way to open up conversations about differences and diversity with little ones, in a non-threatening way.”

“It’s lovely! So uplifting and positive. I know it will be my daughter’s favourite story.”

“Kasey manages to put a beautiful twist on the usual A-Z children’s books by using gorgeous illustrations and words to inspire all children… and maybe even their parents.”

“Loved it! A great message for young and old, and presented beautifully! My son could not take his eyes off the pages.”
Amelia – Mum of a 1 year old