A story of strength and self acceptance...

When first setting out on the journey of author, I knew the first thing I wanted to conquer was the world of children's books.

I wanted to create something that would educate not only my daughter, but children everywhere, on the value and importance of self acceptance.
In a bid to not only fulfil one of my personal dreams, but to raise awareness for mental health, I created, wrote and illustrated my very own children's book.

However, self-publishing a book is not easy. Not only does it take the time and energy to create, but it also takes funds to prepare, produce and print. 

Thankfully, Kickstarter me the platform to try and achieve this. So I threw myself (and my story) out there into the world and I waited...

Well - I didn't have to wait long! The love and support that came rushing in was overwhelming and within 30 days, I had reached 116% of my goal!

My backers not only helped me bring my dream to life, but they are also raising awareness for mental illness, with 30% of all book sales going to beyondblue. 

In addition - to help promote an understanding of kindness and empathy, books have also be donated to schools and libraries around Australia.

If you know of a school, daycare or library that you believe would benefit from this book, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]