Frequently asked questions...

There's a few questions I get asked all the time. So I thought I'd answer them here and hopefully save you some time!

Is your surname really Rainbow?

Without a doubt, this is my most asked question - EVER.

And yes. It is.

No, seriously. Is it?

It really is! I am married to a fabulous human named Mr Rainbow and he was kind enough to share his name with me. Look, I can understand why people don't believe me, given it IS the perfect name for me, but I just consider myself really, really lucky.

What exactly do you do?

ALL THE THINGS! No but really, I do a lot! As a textile artist, I basically create art for any surface. This can range from fabrics, to products, to packaging. I also illustrate (and write) books, create collages, paint and occasionally take naps. If you need an injection of colour into your brand (or your soul) send me an email and let's make it happen!

Where can I buy products with your artwork or designs on them?

Lots of places! Collaborating with brands who align with my values is one of my favourite things to do. If you check out my 'Collaborations' page, you will find a whole bunch of colourful brands who I have had the honour of working with. A lot of these products are no longer around, as collaborations tend to be an exclusive run, but I'll give you a handy hint...

Google 'Kasey Rainbow' and enjoy the feast for your eyes!

Can I work with you?

Well, wouldn't that be lovely!

I absolutely love hearing from prospective new clients.

If you'd like to work with me, send me a note via my contact page and I will be in touch.

Why are you so open about your mental health journey?

Short answer? Because I see no reason NOT to be.

Long answer - as someone who has suffered from mental illness since my teenage years, I am passionate about raising awareness on the subject. And the only way to raise awareness on a topic, is to talk about it.

I want to change the view around mental illness being a 'weakness' by showing the world that it actually takes great strength to speak up and say you are not okay. I have always used art as a therapy to cope with my own mental illness and I hope my work can induce some colour and positivity into the lives of others.

What on earth is Kutopia?

Firstly - Kutopia is not on earth. It is a whimsical wonderland in a colourful cosmos far, far away.

Kutopia, essentially is a paracosm. What is that, I hear you ask? Well, a paracosm is a detailed imaginary world in which the creator has a complex and deeply felt relationship with. It can incorporate real-world or imaginary characters and conventions and commonly has its own geography, culture and landscapes.

For me, Kutopia is a coping mechanism. It is my happy place, my safe escape from the real world and a place where I have complete creative freedom.

Can I visit Kutopia?

Of course you can!

My plan is to make Kutopia a well known name in every household. I want every child (and adult) to know there is a safe and welcoming place waiting for them whenever they need it.

If you'd like to explore the world of Kutopia a little more, feel free to visit the Instagram page and stay tuned for a new website launching in the next few months!

Got a question?

If you have any questions that have not been answered above, send me a little note via my contact page!

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